Little Bleu Studio is a Home Decor & Lifestyle Blog written by Lauren Eich. I focus on making your home your own in a budget-friendly way & throw in some Southern charm along the way. I love dogs, coffee, Messy Paint, & pinning room inspiration on pinterest, and a lot of those things are reflected here on the blog and on the LBS instagram. 

Here at LBS We provide home & DIY inspiration for shopping and decor to other people who are Passionate about their homes.


Lauren is a Design Consultant and Art Historian with a passion for interior decorating. I work with people who want to find a piece that pulls together a room, or with finding a "look" that they like for a space that fits with their lifestyle. 

I have an undergraduate degree in art & art history from the University of Alabama, which has given me an incredible foundation in painting and photography(both digital and film).

Check out my painting and photography pages to see my work! 

In 2015 I moved into a little 1950's house and that had great bones but the styling didn't take advantage of its charm. I loved looking through Instagram to find ideas for how I wanted to change things(mostly through paint & lighting) and then decided to start my littlebleustudio instagram so I could connect with other creatives.


The Dog Behind the Blog:


This is Cooper, my 4 year old Australian Shepherd Mix! I found him at the Huntsville Animal Shelter and instantly fell for the scrappy little guy.

He loves to chase shadows(and my parents' cats) and snuggle when its rainy or snowy outside.  

He loves "helping" me paint & going on adventures with me when i'm looking for a new place to photograph!



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